Innovation projects for the care of children and their families that are at social risk.

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Children's homes

The Children's Homes project came about from different agencies working together for the Third Sector (F. Plataforma Educativa, Actua Sccl y F. Mercè Fontanilles) to find a new way to take care of children at risk and, especially, the involvement and the work with their families.
This material resulted in an initial document called “Projecte CASA” ("HOME Project." Later, it was made available to the "Departament de Benestar Social i Família" so that they could consider it and evaluate its implementation. After a while, this document was referred to the DGAIA to be validated technically and they created a team to carry out its review and adaptation to the new Law on the Rights and Opportunities for Children. This team, composed of DGAIA and FASI, submitted the document to the reading of various technicians from the Department to collect their contributions. Together with FASI, they prepared the document that you can find below.
Also noteworthy is the importance that the Social Work of the Foundation La Caixa has had in this process. This institution has supported the project from the beginning and has helped in the whole implementation process.

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